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it matters to all citizens.

Free and fair elections are not a partisan issue—it matters to all citizens.
South Korea’s general election held on April 15, 2020 was an overwhelming victory for the incumbent Democratic Party but is marred by allegations of electoral fraud and produced an unprecedented number of lawsuits claiming irregularities in nearly all phases of the electoral process. The South Korean government should be identifying and correcting these concerns and allegations, yet they are turning a blind eye to all this evidence uncovered by regular citizens.

The Korean Conservative Political Action Conference (KCPAC) has played a key role in supporting and tying these efforts to uncover and present evidence of alleged electoral misconduct and the threat it poses to South Korea’s hard-won democracy. The following describes what happened in the April 15, 2020 election and is also a reference and even warning for other countries—including the United States.

The electoral process in all nations needs to be constantly observed to keep it honest. Without free and fair elections there simply is no democracy.

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