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International Religious Freedom Summit 2021

“Korean Religious Freedom and Human Rights: The Path to Reconciliation, Justice, Prosperity and Unification”


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

One Korea Network

Alison Auditorium

214 Massachusetts Ave NE

Washington, DC 20002


KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-07-21-13-57-43 006.jpeg

Greg Scarlatoiu

Executive Director

- The Committee for Human Rights

  in North Korea (HRNK)


KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-07-21-13-57-42 001.jpeg

David Maxwell

Senior fellow at the Foundation

for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

He is a 30-year veteran of the United States Army, retiring in 2011 as a Special Forces Colonel with his final assignment serving on the military faculty teaching national security strategy at the National War College.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-07-21-13-57-43 002.jpeg

Dwight Leland Paris


  - President of Youth with a Mission-          Tyler, TX – Missionary Organization

  - CEO Humanitarian Relief Organization

  - CEO of two relief organizations,

Board of Directors

  - Mercy Ships International


Hope for the Children and Global Bridges Member

KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-07-21-13-57-43 003.jpeg

Kwang-Hoon Jun

South Korean pastor and politician.

the incumbent President of the Christian Council of Korea.


He was also the former President of the now-defunct Party of Practice of Christian Love, as well as one of key figures to found the Christian Liberal Party.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-07-21-13-57-43 004.jpeg

Jin-gyeong Cheong

International Committee Chairman of Lawyers for Human Rights and Unification of Korea

Presiding judge of the Seoul Central District Court (1989-2010)

Board member of Supreme Court Labor Law Research Association and a counselor at the Ministry of Employment and Labor

KakaoTalk_Photo_2021-07-21-13-57-43 005.jpeg

Hyun-soo Lim

Canadian pastor of the Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Mississauga.


He is a South Korean-born Canadian citizen.


He was operating humanitarian efforts in North Korea providing tens of millions of dollars’ worth of aid before disappearing in February 2015.


We are so happy and excited to be celebrating religious freedom and democratic values at the first ever International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit in Washington, DC. We, at One Korea Network (OKN), have been fighting to inform the public of the demise of democracy in South Korea. We continue to strengthen the bonds between the U.S. and South Korea which were formed in our fight against authoritarianism and tyranny. In South Korea, some politicians in the ruling party including current President Moon Jae-in seek to appease North Korea and China, rather than support the U.S. and South Korea alliance. One Korea Network seeks to educate the American public on these appeasement policies to ensure our ironclad alliance, which was based on the protection of human rights and religious freedoms, is upheld. We must continue this fight in honor of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our human rights during the Korean War. One Korea Network also advocates for and promotes the improvement of the human rights situation in North Korea by working with and supporting the North Korean defector community in South Korea and in the US, and exposing the evil influence and interference of the Chinese CCP in both countries. In light of OKN’s participation and attendance at the inaugural IRF Summit, we affirm our continuing efforts to defend and support religious freedom in South Korea, in particular the Rev. Jun Kwang-hoon of Sarang Jeil Church who has come under unwarranted and severe harassment from the Moon administration under the guise of COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, as well as other members of the Protestant evangelical churches in South Korea facing unfair social-distancing orders that have prevented congregations from meeting for worship.

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