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CPAC 2022 – Orlando, Florida

As a presenting sponsor of CPAC 2022, the Korean Conservative Political Action Conference (KCPAC) successfully furthered its mission to educate and inform the American public about Korean Peninsula affairs and the risks facing the US-ROK alliance – particularly from the ill-conceived H.R. 3446 (Peace on the Korean Peninsula Act).

Our exhibit booth at CPAC Central was busy fielding inquiries from many interested attendees while sharing literature on Korean affairs and H.R. 3446 and the End of War declaration, and also gathering signatures for our petition against the bill.

We also held a standing-room-only panel discussion on the threat to the US-South Korea alliance and the risk of war posed by H.R. 3446 and an ‘End of War’ declaration.  Well-known Asian Affairs commentator, Gordon Chang moderated the panel – including experts Senator Bill Hagerty, Ambassador Morse Tan, Dr. Sung-yoon Lee, and KCPAC President Grant Newsham.


As part of our outreach efforts, KCPAC also held fruitful sidebar meetings with influential people including former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senator Ted Cruz and a number of Congress members, and a member of the European Parliament.


KCPAC staff and guests conducted a number of media interviews and were also featured on the main stage of the conference’s general session.  We took those opportunities to highlight how authoritarian-socialist forces in China and North Korea – and even within the South Korean body politic are attempting to push South Korea away from its American ally.


CPAC was a most productive event for promoting KCPAC’s educational mission and ensuring that conservative voices are heard and that the Korean Peninsula gets the attention it deserves.


​KCPAC hosted a panel session on Friday, February 25, which drew a standing-room-only audience of more than 150 people on the topic of the Korean Peninsula and why the push for fake peace is such a dangerous initiative for South Korea and the United States. The panel featured Gordon Chang as moderator, Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Grant Newsham (President of KCPAC), former Ambassador Morse Tan (Dean, Liberty University), and Dr. Sung-Yoon Lee (Tufts University).

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, spoke at CPAC 2022 on the evening of Saturday, February 26. He hinted at another White House run in 2024 and stated that 2022 is an important year for everyday citizens to “make America great again” even if under assault from leftist forces.

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated during his speech at CPAC 2022 that the U.S. is in a fundamental battle between “power” and “liberty.” That the U.S. should fight against “big power” including big government, big tech, big universities, etc. And that we should not be apologetic towards the “woke culture” and should speak out.

Mike Pompeo

Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo emphasized that compared to the current administration, they fought to provide strong national security in the U.S. and beyond. He also mentioned how he negotiated with Kim Jong-un to release 3 Americans without giving the North Korean regime a penny.

Make Korea a true democracy!




빌 헤거티.jpg

Gordon Chang

고든 창
Author & Commentor

Sen. Bill Hagerty

빌 헤거티
Senator from Tennessee

Grant Newsham

그랜트 뉴셤
KCPAC, President

Amb. Morse Tan

모스 탄
Dean, Liberty University

Sung-Yoon Lee

Ph.D., The Fletcher School

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