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One Korea Network (OKN) and KCPAC (Korean Conservative Political Action Conference) Release Digital Advertisement in Times Square, New York Coinciding with ROK President Moon Jae-in’s UNGA 76 Visit & Speech, and to Highlight Campaign Countering the Fake Peace of H.R. 3446 & H.R. 826

(September 21, 2021, New York, U.S.A) – One Korea Network (OKN) and KCPAC (Korean Conservative Political Action Conference) have released a digital advertisement in New York City’s Times Square, coinciding with South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s visit to the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 76) this week, and to highlight the current campaign to counter House Resolutions 3446 and 826 (H.R. 3446, H.R. 826) pushing fake peace on the Korean Peninsula that are currently being supported by pro-North Korea supporters and leftists.

“There is no greater location than Times Square in Manhattan to highlight the current situation in the Korean Peninsula, and to expose the fake peace initiatives of H.R. 3446 and H.R. 826,” said Arthur Lee, OKN’s Regional Director, Washington, D.C..  “Despite President Moon Jae-in’s dismal track record on North Korean human rights and his push for a peace deal with the North Korean regime before he leaves office, the world needs to be reminded that unless the regime is held accountable and real changes are made, there will be NO peace in the Korean Peninsula,” Lee went on to say.

“The danger of these two seemingly innocuous bills is that they work to North Korea’s advantage and potentially undercut the ROK-US alliance and ultimately end the U.S. military presence on the Korean Peninsula,” said Grant Newsham, President of KCPAC.  “Through the airing of this ad calling out President Moon and his misguided North Korea-policy during his visit to New York during UNGA 76, we hope to educate the public and generate more support for our campaign to counter H.R. 3446 and H.R. 826,” continued Newsham.  

The digital advertisement is running on the ‘Bowtie-Spectacular Screen’ at 1500 Broadway Avenue and West 43rd Street, in the heart of New York’s Times Square, starting from 12pm, Tuesday September 21st, to 11:59pm Wednesday September 22nd.  

For media inquiries regarding the digital advertisement, please contact:

[VOA 뉴스] “뉴욕에 ‘거짓 평화 위험’ 영상…‘북한 주민’ 도와야”

미국 뉴욕 맨해튼 중심가에 북한 김정은 국무위원장의 얼굴이 나오는 대형 광고 영상이 등장했습니다. 유엔총회 일반토의 기간에 맞춰 북한 정권의 폭정 실상을 알리면서 북한 주민을 속박으로부터 해방하고 올바른 대북정책을 추진하라는 메시지가 담겼습니다. 조상진 기자가 보도합니다. (영상편집: 김정호)

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