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KCPAC 2021

KCPAC hosted its 2021 conference in conjunction with the ‘Conservative Minority Conference’ (CMC) event titled ‘Our America’ in Dallas, Texas from September 13-15, 2021, at the Hyatt Regency DFW.

This event was held to highlight the dangers of the H.R. 3446 bill and raise awareness among the Korean-American conservatives and participants who attended the event.

Ms. Annie Chan, Founder and Co-Chair of KCPAC, presented a major speech on the main stage at the CMC event, highlighting the importance of the US-ROK Alliance and the dangers posed by this bill, and Patrick Kang, Executive Director at KCPAC, gave a presentation educating the conference attendees on H.R. 3446 and why as conservatives, this bill and similar moves for the bill must be stopped.

During KCPAC 2021, KCPAC President Grant Newsham spoke on the H.R. 3446 bill and the push for peace on the Korean peninsula, and also featured other Korean-American conservative activists and pastors who gave brief remarks.

In addition, One Korea Network (OKN) recorded interviews with experts and speakers, such as Trevor Loudon, Ambassador Morse Tan, Hans von Spakovsky of the Heritage Foundation, among others.

KCPAC and OKN were also able to collect signatures for the ongoing petition drive to oppose the fake peace as presented by the H.R. 3446 bill and to support real peace on the Korean Peninsula, which are being delivered directly to the Members of Congress representing the districts/states the signatories reside in. 

This event was an important part of KCPAC’s efforts to engage the public regarding the dangers of the fake peace of H.R. 3446, and more importantly, it was a very timely and effective way to network with and reach out to the conservative minorities, as well as the local and other Korean American conservatives.

KCPAC and OKN will continue to engage and collaborate with the minority conservatives to push our agenda and work for real peace on the Korean peninsula.

KCPAC 달라스 행사
계속되는 대한민국의 좌경화와 그 끔찍한 결과

KCPAC 달라스 행사
끝까지 그릇된 좌파 세력에 맞서 싸워야 합니다

OKN 달라스 행사
종북좌파들의 미국의회 침투

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